For the breast cancer survivor who chooses to wear a prosthesis, issues such as fit, comfort, balance, weight, and silhouette are important in choosing just the right breast form.  New advances in prosthesis design and manufacturing by two of America's leading manufacturers have produced some unique new breast forms, and we are proud to be among the first to have these available to our customers.

NEW from American Breast Care

The Massage FormTM  is American Breast Care's newest innovation yet. By listening to comments from breast cancer survivors, ABC has created a breast form designed to aid in the circulation of the lymphatic system.  Made with ABC's new Satin Skin, this one of a kind breast form provides therapeutic massaging action to help stimulate lymph flow.

The Style 10225
Massage FormTM is available in Sizes 3 through 14 and the color is "Blush."

The asymmetric design of this new breast form provides more security, making it fit snugly against the chest wall.  Early reports from users of this new form include, "After wearing this breast form or just when I put it on, I felt more support against my chest.  When I removed it I felt less swelling on that side."

When it is time for you to receive a new or replacement breast form(s), ask to see the new Style 10225 Massage FormTM from ABC.

American Breast Care recently also introduced their best yet Lightweight Triangle Breast Form.  The new 10243 uses innovative technology to create fullness in the upper extension.  The result is a better fit and an even better silhouette.

Triangle breast forms create sleek lines under clothing and are designed to prevent crossover.

The NEW 10243 also features a soft, new Satin Skin.     

NEW Everyday Comfort from AMOENA

Amoena has just introduced a new line of breast forms that incorporate Amoena's new Comfort+ technology - breast forms made with temperature-equalizing material (PCM) integrated directly into an additional layer in the silicone breast form. Because of Amoena's new "Comfort+" technology, the breast form stays at a constant, comfortable body temperature longer.
Adapted from technology used for astronauts' space suits, the pearlescent temperature-equalizing layer absorbs excess body heat which reduces perspiration behind the form.

The AMOENA Contact Comfort Plus features a new super-soft outer film combined with ultra soft silicone.

Because it attaches to the skin, and it moves with the body and stays in place with every movement.  Women have found that it relieves pressure on the shoulders, something especially important for women with lymphedema or a larger bust.

The Amoena Natura Comfort Plus is designed to give a more natural feeling and appearance.  It moves naturally with the body and flattens when a woman is lying down.  It quickly warms to body temperature.

Enjoy extra comfort with the Amoena Natura flowable gel back layer that flows gently and softly over even the most sensitive scar tissue.
Both of these new AMOENA breast forms are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We look forward to showing you these new choices in breast forms.

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